Monday, 31 October 2011

Something other than sheep

Do you know what a CNC machine is?

CNC stands for computer numbered cutting (I think!)
It is a computerised carving machine  that is able to carve the most intricate carvings. My dear husband Kim loves anything to do with computers and worked in this industry for over 30years.
Did I mention that he is very clever and can do most anything? like build houses, farm sheds and do electritcal work......
.....back in 2008 Kim heard about theses wonderful machines and wanted to buy one, however, the cost 30K would make that near impossible, but not for Kim. He scoured the internet and found Joe's CNC, which is a site that allows people to buy plans to build the machine.
Kim bought the plans, pages and pages of straight and squiggly lines that I couldn't start to uderstand! He built the machine from scratch it took a few years and much fiddleing (and lots and LOTS of questions from me and our four children about when it will be done!!) but he finished the machine in early 2011.
Here are some pictures of his work.

The machine!

Wood Carvings;

Corian Lithophanes;

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