Monday, 2 April 2012

Show Team

The countdown to the Royal Easter show has started. We have been training the sheep for the last couple of weeks. The sheep are reasonably well behaved but we won't know until the actual show what they will do.
The show society have provided a window of time to unload sheep and get then settled and that is between 8 and 10 pm on Saturday night April 7th. We will be heading for Sydney on Saturday at about 3:30 pm hopefully unload the sheep and have them settled by 9 pm then head for our accommodation.
There is a lot to do before we can head off to the show. Saturday the sheep have to be washed and dried and as there are six of them so the hairdressing will take a fair chunk of the day. Then there is all the packing, loading the sheep and ourselves to organise. It is going to be a big day so wish us luck.

Here are some pictures of the girls we are taking to the show

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  1. Hi Lia
    Glad to see all went well, even though your 9pm setup was a little later than that!!

    thanks for sharing!