Monday, 25 June 2012

Stormy Weather

A week of cold, windy and wet weather has had us worried about the new lambs in the paddock. On Friday night Jessica found a frozen lamb in the paddock. She had gone out after dark to check on the lambs and found this little one frozen.

Meet Harriet nice and warm after a hot bath and a feed
 Photo: Dog pillow is not just for dogs. Clever girl!

The next morning Jessica went to see if she could  Harriet back to her mother. That was unsuccessful but she found another lamb in trouble with sore eyes and crow pecks on her head.
Meet Amber.

Oliver doing a great job feeding Amber

Jessica took Amber to the vet to have her eyes checked and the vet found she also had 
pneumonia. Both lambs are doing really well and sleep through the night. 
 We usually end up with a couple of poddy lambs each year. I just can't leave a sick or frozen lamb in the cold to die a misserable death. You can tell if a lamb is hypothermic by feeling inside their month. If, the mouth is very cold the lamb is hypothermic and needs urgent attention. We placed Harriet in a very warm bath until her mouth became warm then dried her put a coat on and placed her near the fire. We feed the poddy lambs on full cream powdered milk and they thrive on it.

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