Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Protecting the lambs

I have discussed this topic before but Jessica took this photo yesterday so I though I would recap.

We have a serious fox problem in our area. Lamb losses in some years have been too high. There are  several methods to try and protect new born lambs.
Shoot the foxes to reduce numbers Some of our friends visit at dusk with their rifles. I think about six foxes have been removed this way. Not really effective.
Place out poison bates. I don't like this method as my sister inlaw lost good sheep dogs to fox bates.

We have a specific lambing paddock which has been electrified with 4 hot strands of wire. I have managed not to touch the wires yet.

Use flock guards. Here is Peter the Alpaca  lamb sitting while the ewes are eating hay from the feeder.

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