Tuesday, 7 August 2012


On the 3rd of August I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of my nephew Harrison (also known as Harry) and his lovely bride Samantha (also known as Sammy or Sam). The ceremony was held at the Ballina lighthouse, an absolutely stunning setting overlooking the ocean.

It was a great family get together with family travelling from far and wide to attend. Kim and I travelled to Lismore and stayed with my sister Maureen on Wednesday the 1st August (we made it from Gundaroo to Lismore in 12 hours). It was a long drive and we were tired but so excited to see our family!

It is becoming an unspoken family tradition to have a party before the party and this time was no different! Maureen, my niece Tamarah and I were enjoying each others company and we managed to polish off more than a few bottles of sparkling wine and poor Tam suffered badly the next day. Naughty Aunties!

Thursday was spent organising bits and pieces, we also had to decorate the reception room which we only finished a couple of hours before the ceremony. We managed to get everything done and the reception venue looked gorgeous!

What a beautiful wedding followed by a fantastic time at the reception!

Harrison and Sammy. Harrison made the most wonderful speech to Sammy it brought tears to my eyes.

Signing the register

My Dad in the chair as he had hurt his back

Harry, Sam and Dad

My Family

The room we finished  decorating at the last minute

Jess Cameron did a wonderful job on the wedding cakes

Kim and Robert enjoying a dance

The reception
The View from Maureen and Lynton's deck

Very happy sisters on the way to the reception

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