Sunday, 19 August 2012

New Toy or Tool

We ordered a new quad bike a few weeks ago as the buggy we had been using to round up the sheep was very tired. The buggy has clocked up over 5,000 miles on our 200 acres it has been repaired and will be kept as a backup. Kim and I realised that something more heavy-duty was required. I never wanted a quad bike because of safety reasons. The buggy had a roll bar and seat belts and that really appealed to me. Farm machinery has to be treated with respect. I found that out the hard way.

A few years ago my 80 year old Dad tried to kill me with the buggy by ramming me into a gate – twice.  We laugh at the whole scenario now but I could have been really hurt. Here is the story.

Dad and I were travelling together to check sheep while Kim was away with work. Dad was the passenger and I was driving. At the first gate I got out to open it and at that moment Dad stuck his foot from the passenger side onto the accelerator and drove through the gate. I couldn't believe he did that so I seriously told him off. At the next gate he did the same thing again, the man doesn't listen. We reach the paddock I got out to walk down the hill to check the sheep. Next thing I can hear the buggy taking off. I quickly ran back to the top of the hill and here is Dad still in the passenger seat driving the thing looking for me WTF. I was really angry and told him not to do that again. We finished checking the sheep and started to drive back where I stopped at the first gate and I left the buggy to open it. The gate got caught on a thatch of grass and as I went to lift the gate over the thatch dad put his foot on the accelerator again and rammed into me pinning me against the gate. Then, instead of reverse he hit the accelerator again and rammed me into the gate for a second time.  I was black and blue with tread mark bruises all over my legs and back. Dad has not been in the buggy since that day and it was his choice.

On Saturday we made the trip to Sydney to collect the bike. The bike has a passenger seat behind the driver so on Sunday Kim took me for a drive and managed to frighten the shit out of me. I could be heard screaming up hill and down dale. Kim, Cameron and Skye though it was hilarious.

250cc SS Hammerhead Twister Supersport Go Cart Dune Buggy
This is like the buggy we used to round up the sheep.

This is the new machine

Kim securing the new toy - I mean machine to the trailor

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