Thursday, 5 January 2012


Now that the holiday season is over and I am back at work, Kim has numerous projects happening around Claremont including the chicken coup, controlled breeding program, finishing the maternity paddock, finishing the stables. He is going to have lots of work in the next few weeks.

The chicken coup "Cluckinham Palace" Not long before we get the chooks.

The chickens are going to love this home

The maternity/hospital paddock. This paddock is beside the house that we use for sick livestock, poddy lambs etc. Kim has divided the paddock into six holding areas that we can use for preparing sheep for shows or ewes with lams that need to be monitored. Although not completely finished the holding spaces have already proved to be very useful.

A close up of the gates to the  maternity/ hospital paddock

The stable. Not far off completion. The two horses have a tendency to become overweight and founder. The stable will be used to lock them away from too much grass and control what they eat.

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