Friday, 27 January 2012

Southern Tablelands Dorper Group Sale

What a success the sale was with huge crowds and almost 100% clearance. We were pooped after a huge day but very happy with most of the results.

Eileen, Lia and Sarah writing down the prices as the auction continues

We did not tally up all the people that attended but estimated around 200. It was very pleasing to see so many cars with sheep trailers in tow.

The sale inspection was officially to start at 11 am. This picture was taken at 09:30 buyers arriving to inspect the sheep

Lyn making sure all the sheep pens are correctly labelled

Eileen, Martin and the auctioneer talking strategy

Sarah checking the sheep are in the correct pens

Eileen documenting the sale in pictures

A speaker discussing Dorper sheep marketing. You can see how crowed the pavilion was by then 

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