Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Preparing for the show part 2

Saturday was a big day for Kim. All the rams had to mustered and placed in the yards. Kim then had to weigh each one and drench them with Zolvix. Jessica had her turn to get all the measurements height, girth, rump, testicles etc. The rams were then placed in a clean paddock that has lots of feed. We also placed a feeding crate that holds a bale of hay and stud mix along with a mineral station. This will ensure they all get plenty of feed to beef them up for the show. The sheep will be monitorred regularly for weight and other measurments. We are going to use this information to closely monitor the progress of the feeding regime.

10 month old Munro a "Mr Bond" ram lamb and part of the show team. You can see plenty of feed in the paddock and the feeder in the background with hay.

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