Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sheep Inspection

Each year we arrange for the sheep to be inspected by a South African Dorper Sheep inspector. The sheep are inspected to ensure they meet the correct standard for White Dorper sheep. The sheep are graded with points 1 being the lowest grade that is culled from the flock and 5 the highest grade are the best sheep in the flock. Sheep that are inspected and graded as type 5 or 4 are stud quality animals. These sheep are given an identity ear tag and the inspection notes documented in the society stud book.

5 = Very Good. These are highest quality stud animals
4 = Good. These animals are also stud quality
3 = Average. These sheep are considered good quality commercial sheep.
2 = Below average. These sheep are considered average commercial sheep
1 = Cull. These sheep have a significant fault or faults and would not be used for breeding.

The inspectors also give valuable advice on the purchase of rams and joining strategies. We have used this advice to cull sheep unsuitable to our flock and purchase the best rams that we can afford.
This inspection was the third time that Keonie Kotze has inspected our flock. We spent 2 days listening to his guidance about joining, ram selection and inspecting sheep.  We were thrilled with the results. Over 50 type 4 and 5 ewes. 7 type 4 and 5 rams. Those results from our small flock of 250 sheep are a really good achievement, with over 70% of our flock being studded already. The results demonstrate the value of using Dorper Sheep inspectors to improve the flock. Inspections are also valuable for buyers as they know the sheep meet the correct standard when they are purchased.
Keonie inspections were finalised on Saturday so on Sunday Kim, Jess and I travelled to Byblos White Dorper stud and met up with good friends Eileen and Martin Tony and Peter. Tony Byblos owner put on a great BBQ to farewell Keonie until we see him again.

Koenie and Kim at Byblos White Dorpers receiving a plaque that Kim Carved for him.
Eileen, Tony and Keonie at the BBQ

Martin in stylish glasses checking messages on his phone.

Kim and Tony discussing strategy

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