Thursday, 2 February 2012

Preparing for the Sydney Royal Easter Show

We have decided to enter some of our best sheep in the Sydney Royal. This is a first for us and a little daunting. The place where we are staying has been booked  and the South African inspector will be at Claremont on the 20th February to inspect the show team. That is 2 items off the list. There are still sheep to shear and train for the show plus many other things that need to happen.
Dell Dorpers have an interesting article on preparing sheep for showing. We will be following their regime to prepare the sheep.

Daughter Jessica in the blue shirt is having sleepless nights planning what needs to be completed for the show

Good friends Martin and Eileen are a wealth of knowledge, experience and always happy to share any information that will help. They showed sheep at the Sydney Royal in 2011 and have inspired us to do the same this year.

Eileen, Sarah and Harry all part of the Southern Tablelands Dorper Group that will be showing sheep at the Royal Easter

Malcolm from Eastern White Dorpers and Harry from Royalla Dorpers are also a good source of information - you can tell by their faces.

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