Sunday, 18 March 2012

Big week

This week saw the next stage of the controlled breeding program. The ewes will start lambing in about 3 weeks to ensure their safety from foxes we have electrified an 8 acre paddock with 4 strands of  electrified wires.

The electrified paddock is right next to the house so we will be able to keep a close eye on the ewes and lambs


On Friday my dear Dorper breeders Eileen and Sarah went to Dubbo for the meeting of the Eastern Region Dorper Society. The meeting was very interesting and we were all glad that we attended. A motion was presented at the  meeting to make changes to the registration requirements of  Ewes. The changes if passed, who allow breeders to register progeny with only the sires information. That would be like having a birth certiticate with only the father listed - no thanks. There was some very colourful discussion but the motion was rejected by all who attended the meeting. A really good result for the breed and stud breeders.

Eileen, Me and Sarah

Sunday I thought a little creative work was necessary. So after the sheep training was completed I dressed up these jumpers for Harry and Oliver. Can't wait to see the boys with them on.

I purchased the tops at Big W for less than $5 then appliquéd  these designs on them.

Harry and Oliver. Cameron and Skye's sweet sweet boys

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