Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Senior Dorper Course

In August 2011 Eileen, Sarah and I enrolled in Dorper sheep courses being held at Burrawang Station West. Eileen and Sarah were completing the Senior course and I was there for the Junior course. The courses are designed provide a greater understanding of the breed standards, how to select sheep that meet the standard and which sheep need to be culled.

You must complete and pass the Junior course before you can attempt the Senior course. Both courses last for 5 days with an exam on the last day. The exam is in 2 parts written and practical. You must achieve at least 70% pass in the written and 50% of each element of the practical. It was a very full week and full on exam but we all passed. What made the week so enjoyable was the setting, accommodation, staff and the South African Inspector Wikus Cronje. We left vowing to attend a course again if the opportunity was provided.

This year in June-July Graham and Jana Pickles are again sharing their wonderful facility with Dorper enthusiasts by hosting Junior and Senior courses. We are going to Burrawang again to do the senior course. We feel very fortunate to be attending the course in such a beautiful setting.

This is Woolshed 1 were we stayed. I took these pictures with my iPhone hence the quality is not that good

The room I slept in

These pictures came from the internet but they reflrct what Burrawang West Station  is really like.

More information can be found here http://www.burrawangwest.com.au/

Very close the the station are the Utes in the paddock. more information can be found here http://utesinthepaddock.com.au/

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