Thursday, 17 May 2012

Assisted Delivery

As Jessica and I left for work on Thursday morning we saw a pregnant ewe on her own away from the flock. I thought I could see something hanging out the back end of the ewe and it just didn't look right. Jess and I called Kim and headed back to the house. I fetched the surgical gloves grabbed a towel and ran to the paddock with Jess and Kim.
The ewe was in trouble with the lambs heads hanging out of her vagina - not good. Lambs are meant to come out feet tucked under their head first.
We managed to corner the ewe and Kim crash tackled her I don't how he hung on but he did. I was watching closely and thought I saw the lamb breath.
Jess did her expert assisted delivery job and the lamb was born quickly.
The ewe was not impressed with the midwifery skills and took off as soon as we let her up. Another 45 minutes around the paddock to reunite mother and lamb.

Ewe with her Ram lamb

Kim kept a close eye on the ewe and lamb throughout the morning and found the ewe had given birth to another lamb. If, we had not intervened both lambs would have died so good job Kim and  Jessica!

Ewe with her Ewe and Ram lambs looking very healthy

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