Sunday, 20 November 2011

Good Friends

Before we moved to Claremont we lived in the big smoke in a beautiful house that Kim built in a lovely suburb called Fadden. When  we first started building a good friend of Kim's introduced us to Jeff and Judy Brown neighbours who lived across the road. That was in early 1991 we are still best friends today. We would spent many weekends with the Browns helping each other with garden projects, paving, tiling and enjoying a glass of wine or a beer at the end of the day. Kim and I are really blessed that we had met great neighbours that then develpoed into a lasting friendship.
Fast forward 10 years and Kim and I are seriously looking for a property and in 2003 we found a beautiful spot that met all the requirements.
1. Not more than 30 minutes from town
2. Located on a sealed road
3. Must have good outlook and views
Kim and I both worked in Canberra at the time so commuting distance was important.

We planned stay in the Fadden house until the new house at Claremont was completed. Every weekend there would be a picnic at at beautiful spot on the property. We all loved the outings, trees were planted, dead branches piled up and much to Jeff's delight, burned.

Here we are on one of those happy weekends

Jeff, Kim youngest daughter Alison and grandneice Nicole.

Much activity during the shed construction

Shed contrction completed now onto the house.
Jeff organising a hopper for the rubbish

Judy pondering about the contsruction

Jessica, Alison, Kim and Jeff discussing construction

Kim and I something was amusing us

Jeff and I filling tthe water cart so we can water trees.

The shed with Jeff and Judy's caravan

Once the house was completed Jeff and Judy parked their caravan under the awning of their side of the shed. Later they a room was built with a kitchen and lounge room for their weekend visits

Judy and the sheep feeding them some bread

Jeff and Judy have helped us establish the farm with fences, planting trees, watering and building projects. Jeff has added another shed since then but that is a whole new post.

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