Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Pet Sheep

When you have a sheep farm you usually end up with poddy lambs. I personally would never leave a lamb that I thought may not survive the night in the paddock.
When it is lambing time Kim checks the ewes twice a day to ensure all is well with the flock.  If he sees a lamb that is weak or a twin/triplet lamb that is very tiny they usually end up at the house being hand reared.
Our first poddy lamb Baa Baa is now 6 years old although he is a wether and would normally end up on the dinner plate I just could not eat a pet. So he stayed with the flock and lives a happy life.

Sheep actually make good pets, they are very low maintenance and very friendly. Baa Baa is like a dog always looking for a snack of bread or a scratch behind the ears. If, you allowed him Baa Baa he would inside the house lying beside your chair. Sheep belong in a paddock you can’t keep sheep in your garden because they will eat every plant and flower in sight.

My friends daughter feeding Pixie. Pixie is now fully grown, had 2 lambs and still come up for a pat. check out the bottle it is an old beer bottle.

Me giving orders to my friends kids about feeding lambs. Being fed is Speedy. He was a mernio that my daughter found in the middle of the road on a freezing winter night. Sadly Speedy died this year

A friends daughter giving Daisy a pat. She was the best behaved poddy lamb. We had an old green bath mat that we called her grass. We would tell her to lie down on the mat and she would. Daisy is still with us and has a few lambs she also still comes up for a pat.

Here is Baa Baa coming to see what is going on.

Good friend Kerrie holding Pixie

Pixie in her bed after a long day with the kids

We feed our poddies full cream powdered cows milk made up with water to the instructions on the package. New lambs are started slowly 60 to 100 ml and frequently 4 or 6 times a day. We never, repeat never feed the lambs through the night. By the time they are about 2 weeks old they are on 4 feeds a day then gradually this is reduced to 2 feeds per day. We usually wean them at about three months. Although I know people who wean lambs much ealiuer than that.

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